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Hello, I'm Saurabh!

A product and service designer, 

maker and a constant learner.

The website is under update.

Please access my portfolio here:

Service design.


The Bayanihan Spirit

Product design.

Qannati Collection

Havells A360

Boat Toilet Project

UI/UX design.

Isssa App

Havells A360 App

ViiV Healthcare app

Workshop design.

UNESCO Mobility

Fab'Azur / Besign 

I collaborate with organisations to fabricate impactful solutions through design led innovation.

I’m Saurabh Bedarkar, a product and service designer with a strong passion for sustainability and social impact-driven projects. I deeply value a human-centered approach toward design challenges and trying to find creative ways to generate interactions between different stakeholders. Applying creative processes to respond to systemic challenges such as city policy planning, sustainability, and social issues is close to my heart.


CAD modelling

and testing

Qannati Collection

This freelance project involved creating a CAD model compatible with a 5-axis
CNC machine for a bracelet component. After designing the CAD model, I had
to construct a support structure to hold the component casts securely on the
CNC bed during fabrication. The 3D modeling was performed using Rhino 3D, a
powerful CAD software.

Featured in

Let's work on a project together!

Wine Glass Holder

School Table

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